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Oven Cleaning Without The Dangerous Chemicals!

Hey guys and girls, I’m back again with yet another article (and two great YouTube videos I found too). This time I’m going to be tackling probably the most dreaded of things to clean and that’s your oven. Yep that dirty, greasy old thing is about to get the cleaning of its life! Now I’m not going to pretend that this will be easy. It wont be. It is going to require lots of elbow grease and scrubbing. But hey if that’s what it takes to get a nice, sparkling oven then that is exactly what we are going to do right?

Now if you are a long time reader of my blog you will know that I absolutely detest using off the shelf, commercial cleaning products. They are absolutely chock full of incredibly dangerous chemicals. It is a shock to me how any of them are even allowed to be sold. And it is a bigger surprise that so many people spray them on every surface on their house without any care in the world. They are all very toxic and very harmful to humans. If you care about your health or the health of any family members (including pets) then you must make a concerted effort to remove them from your cleaning closet immediately. Yes I literally mean right now. Go on I’ll wait for you.

The funny thing is that homemade, DIY cleaning creams and sprays are absolutely as powerful (if not more so) than their chemically-laden, commercial counterparts. Most people get caught up in the advertising surrounding them and believe that without them, their house will be full of germs and bacteria. Look here is a fact of life. Your child is going to get sick. No matter what you do, you cannot prevent it. In fact if you try and protect it too much, you’ll just have your child grow up with an impaired immune system and a load of allergies. Kids need to come in contact with some bacteria so that their immune systems can learn to deal with them. Louise (my gal pal) also has another great cleaning blog that talks about this in more depth.

Loading up your home with dangerous chemicals is absolutely not going to do anything positive for you or your family. Pets are also very susceptible to being harmed by these products. Even just the smells alone can be enough to harm their very sensitive senses. And they might even be more inquisitive than a child. A dog is going to sniff and lick almost anything. So today I’m going to show you how to get your oven cleaner than you have ever seen it using things you almost certainly have lying around in your cupboards. These ingredients will make a product that is tough on dirt but is also incredibly cheap, doesn’t harm you or your loved ones and that also won’t make you dizzy or nauseous.

So to begin, clear out the entire oven, racks and all. The first magic ingredient is plain old baking soda. Get out a glass bowl and mix together some baking soda with water. Don’t add too much water though, the ratio should be set to one that gives you a thick but spreadable paste. Next use a spatula or some other tool to spread this paste on all the areas of your oven that you want to clean.

Next you will need to leave it for about 10-12 hours. This will give the mixture time to work and soften up the grime. Of course this means your oven is out of commission for a while. But I’m sure you’ll figure something out :). The next day, you can remove the heaviest of the paste using a cloth. Don’t remove every little bit of the baking soda, just the majority of it. You’ll see why in just a second. So once you’ve gotten the bulk of it removed. Spray some vinegar over the remaining soda. This will cause it to bubble and fizz up. This reaction will help free up the last remaining bits of gunk and burnt crispy bits.

To finish up, simply use a damp cloth to remove the last of the vinegar and baking soda mixture. You should be left with a shiny (like new) oven.

So there you have it. Safe and easy! just like I promised. Of course you could always just go the lazy route and hire a professional cleaner like Home Concierge ( Stay tuned for even more great cleaning tutorials and articles in the future. I’ll be releasing one soon about how to create even more home made products.

This is another great video from Sugi’s Corner:

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